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Welcome to Hafodyrynys

When you drive between Crumlin and Pontypool on the main road (A472) you travel up a hill which has two lanes going up and one going down. As you reach the brow of the hill you enter a 30 mph section with a turning on the left to Sofrydd. You pass by some semi-detached houses, bungalows and then detached houses on the left and a row of terraced houses on the right. After the traffic lights you pass a pub, a takeaway and a florist on the left and then another row of terraced houses on the right. Next on the left you pass a small church (Hafodyrynys Congregational Church) just before a petrol station / shop on the right. You are now leaving the village and after a minute you pass by a strange cylindrical concrete construction that obviously was something practical in the past ( see History) and perhaps could become something functional in the future. From the hill's brow you have been in Hafodyrynys and now you have now left the village and you are about 4 miles away from Pontypool.

So what is or was Hafodyrynys? Well it was and still is a small village community that has been here for hundreds of years. The village lies in the Glyn valley which offers an important East - West connection across the South-Eastern valleys of Wales. It used to be an important droving route and now it seems to be second only to the M4 as a route for traffic from east to west and vice versa. As you may imagine there are and always have been some excellent "characters" in the village.

Hafodyrynys lies just inside the Caerphilly county borough boundary. If you travel towards Sofrydd you will soon be in Blaenau Gwent and if you travel towards Pontypool you soon cross the boundary into Torfaen.

However, ignoring Hafodyrynys because it seems to be out on a limb is a mistake - there is much to appreciate in the village.

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